Of late, I have become acutely aware of what I have produced over the past few months. I’ve worked on my life steadily, laying a path that will make my options and skills grow and develop.  I haven’t knocked out a lot of product, and that concerns me a bit. I’ve got a short list of projects that is growing into a long list. Not exactly the growth and development I had in mind, but vital. Periods of being alone is good for producing new work, although I can’t pretend the recent unwelcome duress was particularly fruitful. I did get some valuable work done, but I’ve started more projects than I’ve finished. I’ve also regained some balance and structure in the midst of the tumult. I don’t regret the way I’ve spent my time. Once again, I went through a period when my plans and dreams were yanked from me, and I had to reboot. While that went on, I was reminded what was most important to me, and how much can’t be taken away. Like Popeye, I am what I am, no matter the situation or what others may think. My skills and abilities are earned, and I am capable of even more that I have done in the past. My wife and kids are the ones I love, and they love me. When I have presented others with my person and my skills, I am validated. When I examine the breadth and depth of my efforts, I am proud and confident. When I consider the future, I hope I will be able to continue caring for my wife and kids, teaching, and creating the work that is mine alone, good or bad. I am ready to move forward.

So what were my plans? What is on that list?

First, I would like to become more skilled at my job, teaching English.  I want to master grammar and learn how to teach it with full understanding. I want to make my students better writers and readers

Second, I want to finish writing my poetry collection. That means I need more poems. That generally does mean more alone time, since I write the best and the most when I am alone. It also means a short essay about the work, photos, and editing it all together.

More poetry published online.

Videos to finish: Alice Train Scene, Down the Hill, Pueblo Short Doc.

Videos to start: More Electric Gauchos videos, PICO movement score

Begin training.


Third, I http://www.openculture.com/2012/02/23_free_essays_stories_by_david_foster_wallace_available_on_the_web.html