It’s true, if you look far enough ahead, you will find certain things end or change. But the arbitrary nature of what you may consider to be a good or bad event is being ignored. Since an arbitrary standard can only exist as long as a person holds it, it is both nothing and everything in the breath of history. A mosquito that is crushed after a satisfying bite has lived a fulfilling life. Humans are genetically unique, so artificial standards of perfection or “good” are also illusory. If we are trying to be completely honest, it’s important to acknowledge that anything we believe involves a large amount of faith that our understanding of our lives and world are correct. But most things we learn are outside of our direct experience. So there is little we actually can base directly on our direct understanding beyond personal experience. That is not the only relevant factor in living in this world, but we deny our personal experience at our folly. In other words, worrying about events we cannot effect is sort of like assuming the stars effect our fate. That should include things that happen in the distant future. We can change our own course, but the amount of possiblities, “good” or “bad” along with “arbitrary” is completely beyond human understanding or control. Too many factors to consider. Since to some extent our personal experience is limited, we must start from where we are, not where we would wish to be. That’s reality. Being disappointed that reality does not match our personal fantasy of how humans and the world should be is a self-inflicted wound. It is also what most of us do. Humans generally improve to some extent over time, and so has humanity. No one said it will last forever.