When standing outside the windows

Being that dark coated stranger in the shadows, expect

The rain, expect

The enchanting mélange of alcohol, flop-sweat, perfume and dumpster, expect

Crumbs, expect

A Balinese puppet show of

Manners and melodrama, expect

Corners and edges, bookmarks of familiarity, expect

Shards of scintillating conversation, expect

Lies and insincere promises, or not, expect

Political dilettantes sparring, missing, expect

Those shadows unaware you want them to turn toward you, they won’t, expect

Some will, but none you know, expect

You are outside for reasons:

  • You know the main ones
  • A few more that don’t matter
  • Others you will never know


The sadness is temporary and the loneliness is permanent, expect

The rains are temporary and the tattoos are permanent.

It’s time to come in uninvited and drink something you didn’t expect (and are not so sure about),

Be mysterious,

Ignore that you are dressed wrong and you don’t know so many people

Ignore the ones who stare like you have stolen their children,

ignore the laughing giant, the posing doll,

the lost drunk, the angry cynic,

the cheerful mute, the sad flirt.

You wrote their scripts and discarded the wasted time

The rhetorical small talk, unintelligible.